MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



nákaadiV to picket a horse
nakíaV 1to drive (a herd) 2to steer (a herd)
nakúciV to swing
nákuuniV 1to go after 2to attempt to do something
nakuuwaháhguV to circle after prey
napéV to elect
naráa1V to be shaky 2V to shake 3V to quiver 4N quiver
náshaadiV to call on someone by name
nashbíV finish talking
náshdiV 1to pound 2to tenderize
náshduV chew on
nashkíV 1to lace 2to weave 3to knit 4to splice
náshkuV to knock out of place
nashtíV 1to grind something up 2to pound
náshuudiV to swallow
nátagiV to hurt someone
nátiV to beat someone up
náxaadiV 1to grow on 2to eat corn on the cob
naxáareeshaV to be skinned up
náxahbiV to be jagged
naxbíN 1leather 2skin 3hide 4rawhide 5thigh 6upper leg 7rump
naxbiccíN bear
naxbiccíhgeN toy bear
naxbiccínagaN bear cub
naxbiccirahxúhxiV to shave a pig