MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



nagíV to whoop
nágibiV to shave a stick
nagobíhxaaʔiaN 1raincoat 2topcoat
nagóobiV 1to gnaw a hole 2to nibble a hole 3to chew a hole in
nagóxdiV to be light in weight
nagshaV to break up dirt clods in a garden
nagshaaV 1to fade 2to lose color
nagsháawiN 1dawn 2just before dawn
nágshagiV 1to bump one's head 2to splint along the grain 3to split
nágshiV choke
nagshíaV 1to hook (into) 2to trap
nágshibetaaV to not exceed
nágshibiV 1to be past, to be after 2to exceed, to go beyond
nagshíihaaV to gush out
nágshoshiV to be loose
nagshúa1N dent 2V to dent
nagshúdiV to slip out of place and drop
nagshúgiV to slosh
nagshúugiV to clear a field
naharéV to stand
náhawiabiragaNUM thirty
náhbiV 1to descend 2to assume office 3to take a bite of 4to mount 5to get in 6to get off 7to get one
nahbíshaN grasshopper
nahbíshawiʔwideN insect (a dark yellow bug like a cricket)
nahcáaV 1to be careful 2to be cautious