MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



gaadágsheewaacPH 1It's the real one. 2true one 3said it because is was true
gáadiV to be real, true
gáageʔeV to roll
gáageʔeheeV to roll something
gáagshaaN potato
gáagshareʔeN 1potato, Indian 2woods potato
gaagsháxiguheN potato salad
gáagshidabiN 1ladybug 2potato bug
gáariV to ask for something
gáaruN woman, an old
gáarudetaashMISC Old Woman Who Never Dies
gáaruxiʔeN old woman
gáaxugaV to joke, tease
gabcáhgeV to hone
gácaaV blow on
gácahceeV 1to respect 2to show respect
gaccíV 1to cool off 2to darken 3to become extinguished 4to put out the light
gaccíheV extinguish
gáccuugaV to be swollen
gácia1V to inflate 2V to swell-up 3V to puff up 4bloated 5puffy
gácu ~ gáhcuN peyote
gadaatéV to exile
gadéʔecceV 1to praise 2to honor
gadihgéV to empty
gadíhgeeV 1to empty something 2to dump out