MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



giruxáadihgeV to harrow
girúxugicV he/she combs one’s hair
gishagáskeʔriaV 1to squirm 2to wiggle 3to fidget
gisharéehgeV 1to concoct 2to mix something up 3to soak up
gishíV to heal, to get well
gishúgeV to widen
gishúgiV 1to wilt 2to go limp
gitadáhihgeV 1to be hardened up 2to get stiff
giwaacigúahgeV 1to get sugar diabetes 2to turn to sugar
giwaaʔihdíaV 1to mature 2to grow up
giwácihgee1N assemblage 2N gathering 3N flock 4N herd 5N group 6V to gather together
giwagéʔeV 1to pray 2to invoke
giwahxúV to ask a question
giwáshiheV to fill up (trans.)
giwaxúaV to drain
giwáʔaxuaV cover up for someone
giwéʔeV 1to announce 2to tell 3to relate 4to explain
gíwiaV to turn back
giwíahgeV 1to drive back 2to repel
giwíʔhgeV to petrify
gixaaʔiccáN Crow (people)
gixáaʔiccaa itáaciN leggings (Crow pants)
gixábaN to go to bed
gixíhdihgeV 1to mess up 2to disarrange
gixíirihgeV to fade (cloth left in sun; leaves in autumn)