MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



gárapeeV to remind
gárawiV to remember
gáreV to stick into
garéeV 1to be rotten 2to vomit
garéehdihishaN nausea
garicgáV to polish
garíicgacgaV to be glistening, shiny, bright
garíihgaN 1lightning, electricity 2lightning
garíishdiriV to be tiny
garíshdaV 1to be young 2to be little 3to be small 4to be new
garíxabiV to stick to
gáshiV 1to go around again 2to travel back or again
gáwigaaV to be rough, lumpy, to be uneven
gáwihgaN seagull
gaxbádaheeV belch
gáxukeeV 1to fool 2to trick someone
gáxxeV to be piled
géesheV 1to look after 2to care for 3to spy on 4to watch
géʔeV dig, scratch an itch
gíaV to be afraid
gibáadagiV to shut
gibáburriN mole, a
gibáhciV to set something upright again
gibcáV 1to lace 2to thread 3to skewer
gibíV to have sexual intercourse