MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



gibúxihgeV foam up
gicagíhgeeV to improve
gícaweeV to become warm
gicibíV to dive
gicíirihgeeV 1to rust 2to melt something
gicóodahgeV 1to fade 2to turn gray
gicúggeV to level something
gícugiV to thaw
gicúhgahgeV to flatten
gicúuriN Victory Song
gicúuriawaaʔidúN praising song
gidaahéhgeV 1to be separate 2to divide 3to sort
gidáheV to slaughter
gidíhgihgeeV 1to thicken 2to curdle
gidíishihgeV to lengthen
gidíriahgeV to start a machine
gigáagiV to sew
gigágcuudihgeN game (top whipping)
gigawaráaV haul
gigéeV 1to resemble 2to be similar
gigíaV to be frightened
gigíshgiaN 1to examine 2to experiment 3to try 4to test 5effort
gigíshgigihaagsheʔV to take time to think before you speak
gigíshgiʔagraagithinking, he was
gígshagaahgeV 1to prepare something 2to get ready