MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



óbcaadiV to thread a needle
óbiheV 1to infect 2to influence
óbshagiV 1to dip something 2to be dipped
óbxiaV to stuff something in
obxícceV to stub
óbxishiV 1to scoop 2to shovel
ócahdiV to be burry, to have burs
ogihishiruPPP past, beyond
ógureʔN a keeper (n)
ógxaheV to spill or splash on something
óhbaaN evening
óhgahbiV to patch
óhgibaabiV 1to find again 2to find by searching 3to find
óhgibaariV 1to grow back 2to sprout
óhgigiV to transplant
óhxaadiV to be white
ókadaaV 1to wear 2to get dressed 3to put clothes on
orágashiaN shelter
oráhdibiN hill, side of
orúdiN knot, tied
ósheeV 1to plant 2to pour into
óxbihgeV 1to add to 2to dilute
óʔcawuaV ooze