MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



AFF to dwell
dáabaINT what
dáabataaV 1to be inconsequential 2to be trivial
daadéeMISC 1father (from of address) 2father (to)
dáadishMISC father
dáag bátiV to be still born
dáagaINT what is it?
dáaheeV 1to be separated from 2to be across from
dáariV 1to cross 2to ford 3to go across 4to go over
dáawiINT how much, many
dáawiʔPH how much? how many?
dáaxiV 1to growl 2to grunt
dabáa1V to be gentle 2V to be soft 3soft
dabáaheV to soften something (e.g.. animal hide)
dabéeINT who
dabéeʔPH who is it?
dáciV to be thick
dádaV to be early
dadáguaPPP 1in the past 2long ago
dágaaV to move around
dáhdahshiN smacking sound
dáhdahxahaawiN footsteps, the sound of
dahdáhxiV 1to make a popping or cracking noise 2to make a clicking or ticking sound
dahsháhiV to slap
dahsháhihge1N pancakes 2V to slap pancakes