MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



nácugiV to suck
nádaaV crack with the teeth
nádabiV hold visibly between the teeth
nádagiV to hurt someone's feelings
nadahxíV 1to gnaw on 2to eat meat from the bone
nadgáabiwaaʔidúN Owl Dance Society song
nagáarudiN knot, slip
nagabáaV to stew
nagabádiV 1to catch a sickness 2to contract an illness
nagabágiV bloom
nagábciV to cut up in small pieces
nagabíV to select
nagabíhxeʔiaN 1poncho 2slicker
nagabíhxiV 1to float 2to flutter 3to flap 4to rise
nagábshaaciV to be irritable
nagabúhshiV 1to swell 2to puff up 3to inflate
nagadáaV to break into pieces
nagadáhdiV 1to be rocking 2to cause something to shake 3to be shaky 4to be unjustifiable 5to be unstable
nagadahshíV to pat
nagadahxíV to knock on
nagadáraaV 1to vibrate 2to be vibrating 3to be shaking
nagadárahgeV to gallop
nagadía1V to smooth 2stretched 3V to stretch
nagadíheV to smooth out
nagadóhdiV 1to brush off 2to shake out