MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



núugahgiN acre
nuugíbiV to scrape
núugipeV 1to give out 2to run down
nuuhaiguaPPP elsewhere
núuhguV to be vacant
núuhgua1N space 2N room 3V to be roomy
núuhuuV to come for
núureeV to go to get something
núuriN 1spine 2back
nuuriceeN hunchback
núushaaV 1to abandon 2to leave behind 3to put away 4to store something 5to let go
Nuusháb!PH hurry!
núushgaV to open
núushgaraagiV to be open
núuwihshaN swan
núuwiirarushgiV to unscrew
nuuxuudaV to pull or twist hair
nuwáQUAN some
nuwáadaN 1middle 2center
nuwáadareV to be in the middle
nuwáadaru1N center 2in the middle
nuwáadaruhgeN sandwich
nuwáadaxaaPPP towards the center
nuwácaNUM one
nuwácahbiNUM nine