MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



nuwacahbihabíragaNUM ninety
nuwahgúaPPP someplace
nuwáruPPP sometime
núwiciV break down in smaller pieces
núwiiriV 1to twist 2to wind 3to wring 4to swarm 5to turn (trans.)
núwixehdaa ~ núuwixeePPP sideways
núxaaV to spread something out flat
núxaadiV to rake
núxabiV 1to peel 2to peel back 3to remove an outer covering
núxahbiV to snatch something away from
núxaraaV to shell
núxaruaV to move something
núxaruaʔihádaheeV to move something out of the way
nuxbáagaN 1friend 2people 3person
nuxbáagacagiV to be friendly
nuxbaagaʔihdíaN giant
núxdagiV to fumble around in
núxeeshiV to plow
nuxíceV to soak
núxiibiV to be able to lift
núxiibitaaV to be unable to lift
núxishaʔadeʔV to soak through
núxishiV 1to plow 2to be soaked 3to soak
núxpiV to take down
núxudiV to open up