MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



núshguraagiV to be open
núshiV to spread open
núshudiV 1to miss a catch 2to drop something 3to lose one's grip
núshuugiV 1to wash something 2to wash
nútabiV to tighten
nútagiV to squeeze
nútiV 1to tie 2to imprison
nútukeV to feel full
núuV 1to gather 2to get 3to win 4to earn 5to receive 6to pick berries
núuba1NUM two 2N bone
nuubaaV to lay on
núubaaciN 1couple 2a few
núubacáhdaabáxaruV to push back & forth
núubahbiQUAN eight
nuubahbihabiragaQUAN eighty
núubeV to pant
núubiaV to reduce to pieces
núucgiaV to be mushy
núuciV to buy
nuuciguaV to be out of the way
núucihciV to trot
nuucuuhigeV to grind up
núudaN ribs
nuudáhbahdaheeV to step aside
núudiV to eat