MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



núhdabiV to hold tight
núhdihshiV to touch
núhdiiwiV to snatch away
núhdishagigíshgiV to test by touching
núhduxiV to snap
núhgaaN handful
núhgabiV to scratch something
núhgiciV 1to miss 2to avoid
núhgishiV 1wash 2to squeeze liquid out 3to squeeze juice out 4to milk
núhiV to lift something
nuhshíaV to take something apart
núhshibiV 1to exempt 2to free 3to untie 4to release
núhshihiV 1to jerk involuntarily 2to twitch
núhshishiV to pulsate
nuhshishihgeV to nod
núhshuaV 1to bend 2to turn 3to dent
núhshugiV to splash
núhxaV to pull down
núhxagiV to grab something softly
núreV to go after something
nushágiV to spread apart
nusháhshiV to dig into or dip into
núshduaV to rub between the palms
núshgiV 1to open 2to pull out