MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



núcgabiV to pinch
núcgiaV to be sticky
núcgiidiV to be too tight
núcgubiV 1to fold 2to bend
núcidiV to be nosey
núcishiV 1to bounce 2to jolt
núcuuxiV crush
núdaaV to crack something open
nudáadiV to apply pressure with the hand
nudábiV to be tight
núdahxiV 1to fiddle with 2to tamper with
nudáreeV to grab and squeeze
nudíV to lash
núdohdiV to sift
núgaaxiV 1to mark off 2to measure
núgaraV to stick one's hand into
núgaraaV to tear open
nugáraeecaV 1to turn to nothing 2to all turn up
núgidiV to pluck
núgiriaV to steer
nuhbáV to break off a part
nuhbábiragaNUM twenty
núhcagiV 1to snap in two 2to break
nuhcíV 1to get 2to take 3to purchase
núhcixiV to have muscle spasms