MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



ihgigíʔihgeeV 1to be shy 2to be unsure of oneself
ihgigshíhgeV to be deferential
ihgigúN hook
ihgigúaN fish hook
ihgigutéN plover (bird)
íhgiragaahiV to retreat
íhgiragadíaV to stretch out(one's self)
ihgírudaateN fontanel
ihgiruhgáaV cringe
íhgirushbiV 1to insult 2to offend
ihgirushíaN naked
ihgíshiN nest
ihgishíaraciV to be ashamed
ihgiwagaráaV 1to swap 2to exchange 3to trade
ihgiwigáariaV 1to bow one's head 2to humble oneself
ihgixáariaV to get oneself ready
íhgohbiV 1to meet 2to keep an appointment
ihírihdiV 1to be willing 2to be eager, ambitious
ihobíV to be pleased
íhshireeceN hominy
ihúN 1mother's sister (older or younger) 2mother
ihúubaV to be brave, courageous
ihúushN 1his/her mother (about) 2mother, someone's
indíN hill
iráadibrother-in-law (man's)