MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



irúciriaV to be cracked, split
irúdaaV to be broken apart
irúgaN dried meat
irúgaraaV 1to be ripped 2to be torn
irúgshidiN 1meat 2hamburger
irúhiV 1to rise 2to stand up 3to stand
irúshagiV 1to come apart 2split
irúshgabiN moon, the crescent
irúshgiV 1to be out of danger 2to be safe 3to come open, off 4to escape harm
irúshuugiV 1to fade 2to be faded
irúuN women's older sister
irúudaadiN trigger
irúwiiriV 1to be twisted 2to turn (intransitive)
irúwiirireecaV to get tangled up (in something)
Irúxeesharakic.PH It made a tearing sound.
irúxishiV 1to be stained 2to be soaked through
irúxudiV 1to be burst 2to pop
irúxuhxiV to be broken
isháADV again
isháawiN 1father's sister 2aunt
ishacíxiV to jump again
isharúaADV more
ishbáhxeehdii bádaadiV to nudge with the elbow
íshbariʔooriN Mexican
ishbaxéN elbow