MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



íaV 1there 2to be hard to see 3to be hard to understand 4to obscure 5to be inconspicuous 6to put on over like a blanket
íagaN mother's brother (elder or younger)
íaghabaV to freeze
íaheetaV to mark
íahetawaduV to be marked
íaruDEM yonder
íataV to be clear, plain, obvious
íaxuaV 1to hide 2to conceal something
íaʔgaN man's older brother
íbacgishiV 1to dab something on 2to soak up 3to soak up liquid with something
íbacgubiV to fold up something with something else
íbadakaaV to be close up
ibaháariV 1to miss something 2to regret
ibáhdaaV to tip over, roll over, turn over
ibatúgarahguV to writhe in pain
íbcaaV to string beads
íbcadaV 1to daub 2to smear something on 3to smudge 4to smear something by stepping on
íbciN 1pole post 2upright (n)
íbciʔarugéʔN pest hole
íbdareeV to pin something on
íbgidiV 1to smear something by stepping on 2to plaster 3to smear with hands 4to spread butter 5to spread something on
ibíciN feather bustle
ibíci aguwaaríhshiN male traditional dancer
ibíidibuuxiN appaloosa
íbshagiV to go out of sight