MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



idúuxihishiN Canadian
iduuxishawá aguwáarihshiN jingle dress dancer
idúuxiʔarugiruwiN size, dress
ígaaV 1to look at 2to see
Ígaac.PH He/She sees.
ígaahgeeV to show someone something
ígaahiV glance at
ígagaaV 1to go out of sight 2to disappear 3to vanish 4to die
igaʔóxbahgeN girl's female companion
ígcaaV to spray
igídaxbiV to be excited
Igigúac.PH He/She listens.
igóogi1V to be hanging 2V to hang something up
igóʔoxbaN woman's female companion
igúbaV to be with someone
igúcgiV 1to impersonate 2to imitate
igúu1N mother-in-law 2N woman’s grandmother
igúuckeV to measure
iháa1V to be different, foreign, strange 2V to be unusual
iháadahV to move away
iháadaheV 1to get away 2to get out of the way
ihaadígrowl (low growl)
iháagaseries, last in a
iháariV 1to finish 2to be finished
íhabiV 1to be happy 2to be joyful 3to be pleased 4glad