MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



iréʔhiriV to obey
iréʔhiriaV to disobey
iríN penis
iríV to be alive, living
iríaciV 1to suppose 2to presume
iríahiV breathe
iríahigigshiV to sigh
iríci1V to have a smell or odor 2N scent 3V to smell 4V to stink
irídiheV to frighten
irigíN leg
írigiV 1to hit at a distance 2to shoot at
irigúudiN 1thigh 2hip joint
iriigshíV 1to punish 2to scold
irikéerigshaN 1garter 2leggings
iríshaN son
iriʔíiN pubic hair (male)
iriʔíihgeN marbles (small spheres)
iróʔhgeV 1to exert force 2to strain
iróʔohaawiV 1to be tired after exertion 2to be exhausted
irúN flesh (meat)
írubagiV 1to sprinkle on 2to be spilled out
irúbubiV to be stretchable, elastic
irúbuciV 1to be frayed 2to be ragged 3to split
irúcaraaV 1to be ripped 2to be unraveled