MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



ákiriV to be lucky, to be fortunate
apáraN (the) sense of smell
apúhgaN 1hat 2cap
apúhgareecaaV to be hatless
apúhgawigaaN Low-Cap Clan
apúhgaxaabiN 1Neck scarf 2scarf
aráN hair
aráaxishaV 1to be ignorant, be unknowing 2to not know
arabáabiV to be chapped
arabáariʔiN 1gall 2bile 3gallbladder
arabagíV to break out
arábagiV 1to be spattering (in cooking) 2to scatter with the foot
arábciV 1to darken in the sun 2to tan
arábcia1V sun tan 2sunburn
arabéeV to kick something
arabúbiV to stretch something with the foot
aracáadiV to climb
aracádaaV 1to step on and smash 2to smash with the foot 3to smash by stepping on
aracáraaV to undo with feet
aracgáadiV to tiptoe
aracgábiV 1to press with the toes 2to pinch or grip with the toes
arácguV to be soaked
aracgúbiV to flex something using the foot
arácguhishaV to be damp
araciaríiriV 1to drag the feet while walking 2to amble along