MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



aráhcixiV to shrivel up from heat
aráhcugiV to be overcooked
aráhcukeV 1to be made hard by fire 2to be over cooked
arahdábiV 1to run over something 2to trample 3to run into
árahdahdiV to step on something and hurt the foot
arahdíhshiV to touch something with the foot
arahdíiwiV to twist the ankle
arahgábiV to scratch with the toenails
arahgíciV 1to misstep 2to miss with the foot
arahshíbiV to free the foot
arahshúaV to bend something using the foot
arahshúgiV to step in to the water
árahuN someone who has survived scalping
arahxáhbiV scrape by kicking
arahxúaV 1to kick something over 2to run over something and knock it down
aráhxuheeV to be parched (e.g. corn)
arákuV to be cured (of meat)
arákuheV to cure meat
áraruhciV to scalp
arashágiV to split something by stepping on it
aráshagiV to split from freezing
árashagiV to fall apart
árashagiaN curly hair
arasháhshiV 1to step into 2to put on a shoe 3to put on one's shoes
arásharuheeV to scald