MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



aráshbiaV to be charred
aráshgia1V to be smoked 2tanned
aráshgiahishaN chestnut horse
arashgúV to kick off
arashúdiV 1to slip while climbing 2to lose one's footing
arashugúhgeV to kick off
arashúugiV to erase marks with the foot
aratíV to step on and break
arawíV 1to be bitter 2to be sour
aráwiV 1to know 2to notice 3to recognize
arawíiriV 1to twist or turn with the foot 2to turn with the foot
aráxaaV to be burning
araxáhbiV kick things out of the way
aráxaheV 1to burn 2to ignite
araxáhpiV to kick off of
áraxaxiV hesitate
araxbíV get the better of someone
áraxeexiV 1hold in the arms 2to hug 3hold on with arms
aráxiriaV to be frying, sizzling
araxíshiV 1to stop short 2to stop suddenly
aráxiwiV to boil away
aráxixiV 1to be hesitant 2to be uncertain
araxooxíV 1to smooth off with the foot 2to erase marks with the foot
aráxudiV explode
araxúhxiV break by stepping on