MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



aracídiV to kick off the bed covers
aráciriheeV to scream
aracúudiV to slip on a slick surface
aracúuxiV to crush with the foot
arádaV to snap or crackle in a fire
arádaaV to break something brittle with the foot
arádaheV 1to shoot 2to fire a gun 3to shoot off a gun or firecracker
aradáhshiV to tap the foot
aradáhxiV 1to walk with small steps 2to prance 3to stalk
arádaraheV to scorch
arádaxbiV 1to pop in a fire 2to snap or cradle in a fire
áradhíV to reach the top of hill
aradohdíV to shake with the foot
aragárahuN Arikara
arágicceeV to singe leg feathers
arágiciV to be singed
arágideeV to start (prairie) fire
aragídiV to step on and smear something
arágidiV to be burned (as by a prairie fire)
arágidiaN prairie fire
aragíriaV to push with the foot
aragíshiV 1to lose one’s footing 2to slip 3to squish with the foot
arahcageV to singe
arahcágiV to break something off using the foot
aráhcagiV to be severed by fire or intense cold