MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



ágaxbiV to step over
ágcacgiV 1to make a noise at 2to cheer at
ágcixiV 1to attack 2to jump over, at, on
agdabáaV 1to be gentle 2to be kind
ágdeeV to grab
ágdeeV to catch, to grab
agíV 1to belong to a group 2to be with a group 3to join a group
ágibaahxuV to spill a liquid on something
ágibi1N horse, one member of a team 2V to harness a team
agidáariV to go across along with a group
agidíriaV to run along with a group
agigaráaV to run away along with a group
agigíiwiaV to turn back along with a group
agihdíawaADV very
agíhgeetaV to exclude
agihíiV to arrive with group
agihúuV to come along with a group
agipéeV to lay something flexible over or across
agipéeriaV to lean over something
agiréeV to go along with a group
ágiriV to be tame
agiríiriV to walk along with a group
ágirudaagadaariV to barely squeeze through
ágiruhdabV to grab tight with (your) legs
agiwiréeriV enter along with a group