MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



adági1V to be clear (in color) 2V to be white 3V to be pale 4N corn
adági cóogiN white flint corn
ádaruuV 1to get hurt 2to injure
adaʔágshihgi / aruʔadáʔagshihgiN (a) scab
ádaʔarugishiV to scar
adáʔraagiV to be showing
adéʔV 1to stick out 2to be showing
adéʔeheeV to show something to someone
Adéʔeheec.V He/She shows.
adéʔheV 1to be visible 2to appear 3to expose
adéʔseV to be famous
ádhahgareca1V to be never ending 2V to be forever 3always
adháhgareeshaV 1to be infinite 2to be without end
adíN 1a house, a dwelling 2house 3house (his/her/its)
adíguaPPP at home
adígudaaN family
adíhgeN toy house
adíshaaraN tepee vent flaps
adishéefrom door to door
adíshiN 1smoke hole 2stove pipe
adishíaN tepee smoke flaps
adíshidibiaN 1mud chimney 2fireplace
adiwahaʔiirúshuugiN a mop