MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



íigshuwiN tallow
Iigúahac.PH He/She gets dressed.
iigúaheeV to get dressed
iigúcgeN 1limit (time, quantity, distance, speed) 2measuring stick (laying out a garden)  3pattern (dress) (size, measurement)
iigúdiN wrist
iigúdihshiN 1wrist guard 2cuffs
íiguhbaaV 1to dislike 2to hate
íiguuheN teeth, front
iihadáshdaahishaV to be supple
íihbeN magpie
íihcagiV to be alone, by oneself
íihdaaV to go towards someone
íihdaʔiwapaagiV to point or motion towards with the mouth (by pursing the lips)
iihdíiN 1forelock 2bangs
iihdóheV 1to disgrace 2to be disgraced 3to shame
iihdóoV 1to be embarrassed 2to be bashful 3to be ashamed 4to be shy 5to be timid
iiheeraariV to part with something of sentimental value
íihgaN chin
íihgacawagirigiteeth chattered, his
íihgiiN beard
iihsháN teeth, tooth
iihsháN 1teeth 2container
iihsharéʔeN toothache
íihxaN dirt