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MHA Language Project: Hidatsa Dictionary
MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



adíwahuN a room
adiwahúgaPPP inside of the house
adiwaraghiiahishaV 1to be empty 2to be bare
adixáabiN tent
adiʔaruʔaharéeN new settlement
adiʔíbciN lodge pole
adiʔíihe1N house paint 2V to paint
ádiʔishidaN the crest or roof ridge of a house
ádiʔiʔibgidiʔiʔihashaheN 1mortar 2cement
agáV to string, (?)
agáasha1N tendon, gristle 2N cord 3muscle
agáawaNUM six
agáawahaabiragaNUM sixty
ágabciaV to be jealous
ágadaariV to take out
agadóorusheither one
ágagiiV to be able
ágagiitáaV 1to be unable 2to fail
agahágereeV to talk over
ágaheeV 1to think that something is true 2to accuse
ágaraahshiV to straddle
ágarahcaaV 1to be thrifty 2to be careful with things
ágashiV 1to draw a picture 2to write 3to draw
ágashiV to write, to draw
ágawidabaV 1to flirt 2to tease