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MHA Language Project: Hidatsa Dictionary
MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



éeMISC yes
éeca1QUAN every 2N everyone 3N all of them 4N everything
éeca miiréeʔriMISC Grand Entry
éecagaraceV 1to believe everything 2to be credulous, gullible
éehgeV 1to know 2to know about 3to be familiar with
éeri1N belly 2N stomach 3V to defecate
eeridaaxáxiN Hudson Bay blanket
eerihdágaN 1harness belt (across the belly) 2harness
eeríhdiaV to be pregnant
eerihdiaruxaagaMISC Gros Ventres (in Montana)
éeririgiishiV to be emaciated (belly is way in)
éeriwiricaN diarrhea
eewáagiV to be lying (position)
éexiV to urinate