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MHA Language Project: Hidatsa Dictionary
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Hidatsa to English



náacaN calf of the leg
naadá<!--EndFragment-->N heart
naadáashishhMISC Heart River
náadabaahishhMISC Heart Butte (near saddle butte)
naadagidéeV 1to be disappointed 2to be discouraged 3to be disgusted
naadagíihxabiV to have a heart attack
naadáguretaV to be senile [lit. his heart is not itself]
naadashabíV to be flustered
náadawarúhdaV to be fool hardy (crazy heart)
naadawiʔíishgeN 1idea 2intuition
naadaxíibiV to be lazy
naadaʔishíaV 1to be grieving 2to be sad 3to be sorry
náadishiaV to pity
náadushN Your father
náagaN calf
náagagaaN snapping turtle
náagcahciN 1striped gopher 2striped ground squirrel
náagciiriN buffalo calf
naagí1N clan 2N tribe 3sitting (positional) 4V to sit 5N a variety
naagidóobaMISC the Four Clan
naagiráawiMISC the Three Clan
naagiʔoráshaadiN name of a clan
náaguV 1to go home 2to go back
náahgeN 1captive 2slave 3prisoner
náahshiV to spread one's legs