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MHA Language Project: Hidatsa Dictionary
MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



cáa1N butte 2V to be raw, uncooked, unripe
cáagiV 1to grieve 2to mourn 3to lament
cáahcaaV to be rare (degree or doneness)
Cáaruubash idarúxacuhgaʔaruwaaʔuʔshN Twin Buttes
cácgeV 1to cause a disturbance 2to make noise
cácgi1N noise 2noisy
cacgíheV to make noise
cacúgiV to be hard, firm
cacúkaa rúdabiV to squeeze firmly
cagáagaN bird
cagáaga-nágaN 1eggs 2chick, egg
cagáagaarugiraxúhxiN hatchlings
cagáagarawihgaN hen
cagaagaʔarurúudishMISC Easter
cagáagíhgaN egg
cagáagihga arucíiriN yolk, egg
cagáckiN flea, a
cagáckiishaN flax
cagíV to be good
Cagíc dáabataacPH It's nothing.
Cagíha.PH Fine, okay.
cagíhaa1ADV carefully, well, fine, correctly 2V to be safe
cagihaaháhguV 1to get along well 2to be good 3to be well
cagíhdiV to be pretty