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MHA Language Project: Hidatsa Dictionary
MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



axuháa1PPP on the sly 2sneakily
áʔaadiV to throw something at
aʔaadíhisha ~ aʔaadíihishaV to dash off
áʔaciwiV to track something
aʔacúahgeeV to start out do something
áʔagreeV to take something with one
áʔaguʔushiaV to bring something
áʔahgaraaV to run away with something
áʔakuuV 1to bring something 2to deliver
áʔareeV get after someone
áʔarihshaN crow (bird)
áʔaxiruhdiV to run after someone
aʔcúahgeV to start out on a trip
aʔgaráaV 1to kidnap 2to steal a woman
áʔxuhaareeV 1leave secretly 2to sneak off
aʔxúhahiV to sneak up on someone