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MHA Language Project: Hidatsa Dictionary
MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



abéeV to coil something up, loop something around
abhúhgaxaawiN king (playing card)
abícaN crane (water bird)
abíhaa 1over (the hill) 2old
abíiN cornsilk
abíicgaN moustache
abíirihuuV to have a nose bleed
ábishaN liver
abóogaN butterfly
abuhuhgaʔarucíwiN hat tassel
abúudiN 1upper lip 2(the) upper lip
abúudiʔiiN moustache
abxídaN nasal mucous (snot)
accáaV to claim something as one's own
áccaaV to be close or near
áccishaN udder
adáV to be sore
ádaari1V to go out 2PP out
adáashi1V to go outside 2outside
adáashiguaN outside
adáashihdaaPPP outwards
adáashihdaareeV to go outside
adáateV to let someone out
adagéepaN leech, bloodsucker
ádageewiN gland