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MHA Language Project: Hidatsa Dictionary
MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



abáN 1nose 2plant
abáagaN mosquito
abáariV growing
abáariʔciidaN porcupine tail comb
abáariʔiN 1porcupine 2porcupine quill
abacóʔhiN teapot
abádaaN chest, front of body from the waist up
abadáahakaa íhgirushiaV to be stripped to the waist
abadáaxiV to snore
abadabáaN moose
abádawixdahdaV head downwards
abádibiV put under water
abarúuriN bridge of the nose
abasháagaN pelican
abashíishiV to snort
abátibiV 1to put under water 2to dunk
abátupeN vest
abawaacóocoobaN cricket
abaxéexeeN elephant
abaʔábcaN the smallest member of the mouse family
abaʔaruhobíN nostril
abaʔaruʔúʔshN Watford City
abaʔíhbuN 1the tip of the nose 2the tip of nose
abcáV to be sharp
abccéeV to sharpen