MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



ADV 1in former decades (temporal adverbial) 2times
haada widábaV 1to be mean 2to be cruel 3to be rude
haagúN group, back of a
háapeeV to destroy (by fire)
habáaV to be cold (of people)
habáahbaV to have chills
habádiV 1to file (with a rasp) 2to saw
habúxiV 1to slit 2to lance
hacáaV to cut (e.g. cloth), cut with scissors
hácciV to fall from above (as leaves)
hácgi1V to be long 2V to be tall 3long
hacíiteeV to roast
hacúudiV 1to slit 2to lance
hadadahxíV 1to notch 2to whittle
hagáataPH wait!
hagáciN butcher
hagágashgiV to cut into strips
hagashgeV 1to ink 2to hook up 3to hook together
háhcageegiV hiccup
háhciheoff center
háhedaareV 1to abandon 2to leave behind
háheehisha1V to be quiet 2V to be silent 3quiet
háheetaV to divorce
háhguV 1be, continue, remain. exist 2to be alive
háhgu ~ iraháguV to live