MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



báshahshiV 1to pick someone's pocket 2to poke someone in the eye 3to poke into
báshduV 1to crumble 2to crumple
báshgiV to push something out
báshgiaV crumple
báshguV 1to break out 2to break free 3to dislodge
báshiaN brace
báshkiV to poke something
báshuV to poke something out
bátagiV to knead
bátiV to fall off
bátiheV 1to drop something 2to let something fall
báwiciV to mince
báxaaV to iron clothes
báxaruaV 1to push 2to blister
báxbi1V to knock down 2knock off
báxdagiV 1to poke 2to nudge
báxduaV 1to crumble 2to crumple
baxíaV to cause fall
báxishiV 1to scoop 2to shovel 3to dig
báxooxiV to smooth a hide after tanning
báxuaV 1to pour out 2to dump out 3to clean hides
báxuhxiV break across the grain
báxuudiV to puncture
béeriN 1excrement 2feces
béericgaN raven (bird)