MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



báaV 1to yell 2holler 3to shout
báahiV to sing
báahishMISC Killdeer Mountains
báahxuV 1to spill 2to dump out
bábaariV to spread out (e.g. berries for drying)
bácaaV 1to jab 2to lace up 3to push 4to string up
bácaadiV 1to poke at 2to stab at
bácadaaV 1to mash 2to crash 3to crush
bácaruaV to push
bácgiidiV 1to be tightly fitting 2to be constricting
bacgíriaN cactus
bácgiriaʔaguruudiMISC Peyote Eaters (N.A. church)
bacgiriaʔóʔgeN 1pear 2prickly pear
bácgishiV to press out liquid or fluids
bácgubiV 1to fold 2to fold up 3to roll up
bádaV to lance
badáaV to break, burst, or pop by pushing
bádaadiV 1to poke 2to tap
bádahdiV to roll (over)
bádahxiV 1to pick at 2to harp at 3to pick on
bádareeV 1to poke 2to stick 3to pin 4to stitch something 5to get a shot
bádiV drop off
bádohdiV 1to shake 2to ruffle
bagéekiV to creak
bágidiV to scrape by pushing along