MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



bágiriaV 1to push 2to push away
bágishiV 1to wipe 2to pet 3to rub
bágugiV to be sticking out but covered
báhaciV to punch a hole with an awl
báhcagiV 1to slice 2to cut
báhcaraagiV to be erect
báhciV 1to set upright 2to be upright
bahcihdáaPPP west
báhciheV 1to be slanted 2to slant 3to tilt 4to be off center
báhdaaV to tip something over
báhdaheeV to tip over
báhdihshiV 1to touch 2to nudge
báhgiV to hold on with the mouth
báhgixiV 1to avoid 2to miss 3to dodge 4to evade 5to detour
báhihgeeV to play a flute
báhsaaV to stab
báhshuaV bend by pushing
báhxaN corner, a bend
báhxagiV to push hard into something soft
báhxuaV to push over
barúpeV to shorten
barúwariiriN 1group 2society 3organization
báruwiV to be short
báshagiV to care about
báshagitaaV to ignore