MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

English to Hidatsa



abandon háhedaare V to abandon núushaa V to abandon
able ágagii V to be able
able to lift núxiibi V to be able to lift
able to see ishdáwadu V to be able to see
about half cúudaahahga V to be about half
above áagugaa V to be above
absent híitaa V to be absent
accurately íckaa ADV accurately
accuse ágahee V to accuse
accustomed to iiʔóohi V to be accustomed to
ache aréʔe V to ache
acre núugahgi N acre
across agidáari V to go across along with a group
across from dáahee V to be across from
active maaxadágita V to be active
add on oogíhdi V to add on
add to óxbihge V to add to
adopt iráakee V to adopt someone
adult maaʔihdía N adult
advice gírugshi N advice, a parent giving to a child
advise maʔóowi V to advise
afraid gía V to be afraid
after díarug shíaka PH after a long time nágshibi V to be past, to be after
again ishá ADV again
ago dadágua PPP in the past
agree cagíhee V to agree
aikali lodge clan maxóoxadi MISC Stale Hut clan (aikali lodge clan)
aim iiʔóowia V to aim at
airplane máahdi-arugree N airplane
alert cixíhdahahgu V to be alert, jumpy
alike magshéʔsha V to be alike
alive háhgu V to be alive irahágu V to be alive, living irí V to be alive, living
alkali awaʔawaxóoda N alkali
all náawica QUAN all xagaaheeda N all of a whole xágaheda N all
all kinds ooréeʔeeca N all kinds
all of them éeca N all of them
all sorts ooréeʔeeca N all sorts of
all turn up nugáraeeca V to all turn up
allow cagíhee V to allow
almost Níhec. PH He's almost here.
alone íihcagi V to be alone, by oneself
along agidíria V to run along with a group agigíiwia V to turn back along with a group agihúu V to come along with a group agirée V to go along with a group agiríiri V to walk along with a group agiwiréeri V enter along with a group agixirúhdi V to run along with a group agodáari V to ford or go across along with a group
aloof maacagíria V to be aloof maacagíria V to be conceited
already matée ADV already
always ádhahgareca always
amazed maaréexabi V to be amazed, astonished
ambitious ihírihdi V to be eager, ambitious maaʔiihírihdi V to be ambitious
amble araciaríiri V to amble along
American mashíigaadi N American, white
among héeru ADV among