MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



xigíhgeN mound, a small
xigúaV 1to be sour 2to be spoiled
xíhdiV 1to be shaggy 2to be fluffy
xíibiV 1to be wrinkled 2to be awkward 3to be clumsy
xíiriV 1to be faded pale 2to be faded yellow
xíishadaareV 1to be fatigued 2to be tired
xiishadaaréeV 1to be tired 2to be dead
xíishiV 1to be exhausted 2to be tired
xiráxaV to be fine-grained
xiríaV to itch
xirúhdiV to run
xirúxidaaV 1to be free 2to be at ease 3to be untroubled 4to be relaxed
xíʔeeV to be old (person, animal)
xóodaV 1to be moldy-colored 2to be gray
xóodahishaN iron grey horse
xóogiV 1to paddle, row 2to stir
xoʔohiV to be wrinkled
xúaV to fall
xúaraaV 1to stumble 2to trip
xubáaV 1to be holy 2to be sacred
xubáahiriV 1to do magic for entertainment 2to play holy
xubáahirʔiadiN medicine lodge
xubáariN medicine (Indian)
xubaariciríaN plant (one that is pink flowering)
xubaarishíbishaN medicine, black