MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



xáaV 1to be drawn up 2to be short
xáabiV to be thin
xáagaV to have sores
xáageV to lift up a cover or blanket
xáagihdiaN small pox
xáahgeeV to raise
xáawiN branching overhead
xabáaV 1to be lost 2to get lost
xabáariʔihshiN medicine bag
xabíV to lie down
xabíheeV to lose something
xadádagahV to be fast
xádadagi1V to be quick 2V to be fast
xagáaV 1to move around 2to move (intrans.) 3to stir
xagaaheedaN 1entirety 2all of a whole
xagáataraagiV to sit still
xagáatarahareeV to stand still
xagádawaagiV to lay still
xágaheV 1to cause move 2to shake 3to wag
xágahedaN 1entirety 2all
xagáheeV to shake something
xagáheetaaV to be unmoving
xágaheetarubagiV to scatter all over
xagátaawagiV to lie still
xagúadaaV to be still