MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

Hidatsa to English



cagíheeV 1to do skillfully, correctly 2to be skillful 3to be right 4to agree 5to allow 6to approve
cagíriaV 1to be particular 2to be proud
Cágish.PH That's good.
cagítaaV to be not nice
cagítiV to be good looking
caháaV to be raw
caháa-arurúudiN watermelon
cáhciN black eagle (old eagle)
cáhciheeV 1to approach someone 2to meet someone
cahcóoriV 1to be solid 2to be tight 3to be firm 4to be tough 5to be stingy 6to be sickly (e.g. tight chest)
cahdíN salve, ointment
cáhdiheV to grease
cáhgiV 1to be full of holes 2to be loosely woven
cahíN sight, sense of vision
cahíruwácceeN daydream
cahíruwiiriV to be dizzy
cákeenjoyed (he enjoyed it)
caráaN 1oil 2ointment 3grease 4lard 5gasoline
caráahcagiV to be greasy
caráahdiwiridiN frybread
caráaʔagudihgiN oil, thick automotive
caraaʔarucíiriN butter
caráaʔaruʔuaN stove (gas)