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Hidatsa to English



óobaruʔíaxdaN kinnikinik (tobacco mixture)
óobiN tobacco, cigarettes
óobihashaN kinnikinik (tobacco mixture)
óobiihashaN kinnikinik
óobishiN tobacco pouch
oobiʔíhshiN pouch, tobacco
óobxageV to get a splinter
óocgabiV to be narrow
oocíhgeV to rest
oocíxaawiV to be numb
oodaadaruubaac1V to be unsure 2V to be of two hearts 3V to be pessimistic
óodiV 1to be done 2to be ripe
óogaDEM 1yonder 2there (distant)
óogciaN night
óogciashiiruPPP night, last
oogíhdiV 1to add on 2to attach
ookáciaV to soar
ooki1beyond 2next 3other
óorabiV to find (by chance)
óoragiV to sing along with
oorahbíN a place where one gets in, on, or off
oorahdaN a single particle
ooráhdibiN 1slope 2valley
oorahxáwiN (the) fringe

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